Pulling down to correct level

Kelly O'Neill kellyo@wetrock.com
Tue, 12 Jul 2005 15:30:46 PDT
>If you plant a mature bulb at the wrong depth then
> it is pretty well stuck

I bet that is true for the mature bulb itself. I think, however, they 
may be able to use their energy to "get" where they need to be 
without moving. Yes, I was at the Oregon Country Fair (a place 
where hallucinagenic drugs are supposedly common) all weekend. 
But no, I'm not talking about warping time and space for an "out of 
body" experience. I think some bulb "movements" are made using 
processes other than contractile roots. It may not be correct to call 
some of these "pulling down". As usual, I am speculating. I think 
some bulbs can fatten a root at a lower level to "create" a bulb 
deeper. Freeze damage at the surface might necessitate (or at 
least encourage) this. I know Glad's form on top of old bulbs and 
"rise" to the surface. I'd guess some kinds of bulbs form at the 
bottom of the old bulb and tend to sink lower each generation? I bet 
there are other ways to "get down" also :-).
   Why they sink lower has interested me as well. Camassia seem 
to dive down in pots aggressively. Since they are a wetlander, I was 
thinking they were trying to get wetter (rather than protect 
themselves from freezing)?

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