Tecophilea/plant mixes

John Lonsdale john@johnlonsdale.net
Sun, 31 Jul 2005 04:50:21 PDT
My Tecophilea are all pot grown in the greenhouse, they are not hardy
outdoors, unfortunately.  So no rain on them.  They get the same regimen as
all my other winter growing bulbs and are therefore dry in summer.  I should
clarify that - water is withheld from mid-June onwards, after the foliage is
clearly defunct, and no further water is given until September.  They get
repotted in late July or early August into just damp compost, not through
choice, that's the way it comes out of the bag.  I don't ever deliberately
keep summer dormant bulbs damp during dormancy.  In our climate it is a sure
recipe for rot.  Those that have been suggested to want some moisture during
dormancy, like Tecophilea and the S. American Nothoscordum/Ipheion complex,
do very well drying out naturally out of the full blast of the sun.

Regarding watering Tecophilea, I water first in September then keep the pots
moist until growth starts in earnest, at which point they will take plenty
of moisture.  This is usually sometime in late January.  They want a lot in
the spring when they are in active growth and are quick to show when they
need more.  The leaf color changes and they wilt a little.  The time I have
lost some is when I have watered too much, too early.

Flowering ability seems to be just dependent upon corm size in my hands.



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