Amaryllis belladonna

Susan Hayek
Sat, 30 Jul 2005 20:12:30 PDT
**Aha! something is blooming that I actually planted and know what it 
is. My pink Amaryllis belladonna is blooming. I have others planted 
all over and they aren't showing a single spike.

I also have two pots of Cypella aquatilis which have been blooming 
for quite some time.

Other bulbs are sitting and waiting to see if I walk by and give them 
the kiss of death.
Learning is a slow process for old people. :-)

At 7:43 AM -0700 7/30/05, Mary Sue Ittner wrote:
>this spring I told them if they didn't bloom in the fall they were coming
>out. You guessed it. The spikes are appearing now. The bulbs have pushed
>out of the soil I added, but there is more light in that area of the
>garden. There also was a lot more late rain this year which could be the
>difference. It will be interesting to see if others I have planted in the
>garden bloom well this year. It is very early for me to have blooms. They
>will probably bloom this year and then resume their no bloom cycle now that
>they have their reprieve.

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