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Alberto Castillo
Mon, 25 Jul 2005 08:24:47 PDT

Hi Jim:

"Alberto, when I read "insulation" my first thought was insulation against
>heat. But as I read on, I realize that you mean insulation to retain heat."

It is because the thread is on Hippeastrums, that demand warm conditions for 
as long as possible. Their supposed or actual hardiness is something very 
different. They come from hot parts of the wiorld. Styrofoam boxes (widely 
used in the States for carrying living fish) are also excellent for 
insulating plants against sun. Using pot color to advantange is completely 
overlooked. I use both white and black containers depending on the plant and 
it is almost incredible the temperature difference in either when placed 
side to side in full sun.

"I've cooked many a plant by trying to grow it in a black plastic pot in 
>What are some good techniques for keeping pots in full sun from getting too

Mix in styrofoam containers in full sun does not get overheated. WHITE 
plastic pots or containers are also superb. BIGGER containers take longer to 
heat up. Plunging material is good to insulate pots. If it is clear if will 
disperse heat. If is dark (ideally BLACK) it will act as a heat trpa. Rock 
is also very good to retain heat. A greenhouse can be turned into a heat 
trap if part of the ground is replaced by a crushed rock bed. I have used a 
charcoal layer as a  heat trap in frames with fantastic results.
In your case, I would move to white containers.
Many plants like Boophane, Brunsvigia, Tulbaghias, Amaryllis, Trimezias, 
Drimia, african "Scillas" and lots others need to be "roasted" to grow on 
and flower.

All the best

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