Brodiaea and Triteleia pictures

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 25 Jul 2005 07:52:54 PDT
Dear Alberto,

I am puzzled by your request for more information about these three genera 
since I provided a lot of information about them in my introductions to the 
topic of the week when we discussed them and a lot of that information is 
integrated on the wiki or there are links to the complete information. Many 
of the species as I have noted have a wide distribution and grow in many 
different situations (shade, sun, soil differences, elevation differences.) 
Sometimes you can't determine how adaptable they are until you try them.  I 
grow Triteleia ixioides ssp. anilina and it blooms fine for me even though 
it does not appear sometimes until February and it is a higher elevation 
species and probably spends a lot of time under snow each year. It 
obviously copes with different conditions that it would have normally.

Any of my garden plants I picture on the wiki obviously don't need cold to 
grow. Many of them I've shared with John Lonsdale who lives in a colder 
climate and they have done fine there too so they may be tolerant of colder 
winters as well.

And seed from different population may behave differently. I have different 
bloom times for some of the same species that originated in different areas 
and some increase rapidly and others do not. Ron Ratko's seed as I have 
mentioned in the past is a great resource since he describes the conditions 
where he collected which allows you to get some idea of how those 
populations grow.

Mary Sue

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