Zephyrantes unkown

German Roitman ggroiti@mail.agro.uba.ar
Mon, 18 Jul 2005 17:29:02 PDT
Hello Hans:

I will put some pics in the wiki tomorrow, anyway Z. mesochloa has been 
described for Jujuy but is very common from the north to the center of 
Argentina with a very big distribution, along this there are some 
variations that make some botanist described new species but they all 
belong to Z. mesochloa.

Best wishes


At 15:07 18/07/2005, you wrote:
>Hola German ,
>Thank you for determining this plant .
>Do you have maybe a picture of Z. mesochloa ?
>I have found in my papers only a description of Z. mesochloa in
>"Amaryllidaceae" from Arroyo/ Leuenberger - there is given : Argentina:
>Jujuy, San Lorenzo .
>This is some Km from this location who comes my plants.
>I also grow seedlings of Z. mesochloa from seed from AGS -they looks a
>little bit other ( the leaves are narrow by my plants ) -but this is maybe
>the natural variation .
>With best wishes
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