Amaryllis images

Alberto Castillo
Mon, 18 Jul 2005 17:03:30 PDT

>I have just looked at all the amaryllis pictures uploaded by Michael Mace.
>In Europe there are no amaryllis with yellow centers. They are definitely 
>green, unless  the green has been bred out (I prefer the green centers to 
>pure white or red).
>I don't believe I have seen a pink amaryllis here.
>A lady nearby once got an amaryllis with 10 blossoms and it got in the 
>local paper, it was so unusual. Generally they get the usual four and the 
>Danish name for amaryllis is four corners.
>Once I had one with four blossoms and then the flower stem continued and at 
>the top it had four more! That was great!
>So my amaryllis are very different indeed!

Now look at the hybrid HIPPEASTRUM images!

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