Oxalis adenophylla, O. enneaphylla on the east coast

Carol Jensen jorna@mobilixnet.dk
Tue, 12 Jul 2005 12:46:42 PDT
At 10:09 11-07-2005, Andrew Broome wrote:
>Jim said...
> > Has anyone out there who gardens on the east coast of North
> > America had long term success with either Oxalis adenophylla
> > or O. enneaphylla as garden plants?
>I've had no long term success with any of the 'alpine' South American
>species even here in my part of NZ where it rarely gets near 30C in the
>summer and only a few frosts per winter.  They certainly don't like the heat.
>You *might* try the hybrid, Ox. x 'Ione Hecker' since this *seems* a
>little more tolerant at least the one clone I've kept alive for nearly 2
>years now after several attempts.
>They're such attractive plants, I wish I could keep them alive but I've
>pretty much given up on trying them here under my conditions.
>Andrew.  http://freewebtown.com/oxalis/

I  wonder if people with too hot summers might not grow such plants indoors, just as people with too cold winters grow other plants indoors (me, for instance.)

I say this, and yet my livingroom has a horrible temperature these days, now over 29C! It's because the house is built of limestone bricks which accumulate heat and don't release it very readily. When I wake up in the morning or in the middle of the night, the temperature is over 27C.

However most Americans have air conditioning and these heat-abhorring plants might do very well inside.


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