ground cover for summer dormant bulbs
Wed, 27 Jul 2005 05:50:08 PDT
Walking through the garden this morning I realised that I had forgotten to
mention Begonia grandis, which I spread around for the purpose last year,
and is now, as Jim says, coming up to make a useful cover. B. sutherlandii
does the same, and probably B. sinensis, although I've never got this one
going, for some reason. Self-sown Impatiens of various species are also
good, but without irrigation, however, they and the begonias don't reach
maximum potential, so I grow the main plants of them in a watered area.

What Begonia species do people find hardy?

John Grimshaw

Dr John M. Grimshaw
Garden Manager, Colesbourne Gardens

Sycamore Cottage
Nr Cheltenham
Gloucestershire GL53 9NP


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