ground cover for summer dormant bulbs

arnold trachtenberg
Wed, 27 Jul 2005 05:53:52 PDT
>One more thing, Arnold: you mentioned using Meconopsis cambrica as a ground
>cover. Does it behave as an annual for your or as a perennial? I've had
>trouble keeping the orange-flowered forms of Meconopsis cambrica here. 

I picked up a couple of plants from Seneca Hill Perennials  three or 
four years ago and is is now my ground cover of choice for areas below 
lilies.  I have broadcast  seed around an area under a chinese quince 
that has a number of lilies such as L. canadense and L. rubellum 
growing.  The meconopsis slows down in the current weather I assume due 
to the heat and not the availability of moisture.  It returns each year 
and doesn't get any special mulch other than leaving leaf litter in 
place during the winter.  If there is an interest I can send some seed 
into the BX, although it is not a geophyte it seems to be a good 
companion for geophytes.


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