John Bryan
Sat, 09 Jul 2005 07:25:03 PDT
Dear Mary Sue:

I agree with you 100%. Lets keep the names we know, not the new names,
would it be possible to have a page with the syn's listed?

I am much concerned with the changing of names based on DNA. Were
geographic variations also examined for their DNA? how many plants were
used to fix the DNA, if only one or two, is this a true representation
of the genus or species in question? What law is there that says such
changes have to be accepted? Who checks on their work?

As science progresses (?) other means of examining the genus and species
will no doubt occur. Are we in for a plethora of changes over the years?
possibly, and if this is so we will never keep up with the changes and
chaos will result. What do we do if others examine the DNA of a plant
and find and form a different opinion, as might happen with the
examination of the same species, but from a different geographical area,
with different soil components, climate etc.

In my opinion, many botanists live in a world of their own, much
involved with the anatomy of plants and not the morphology, which in my
mind is a completely different field, and MUST be preserved.

Who checks on the botanists when they change plant's names, based on
their DNA studies? I often wonder about this, and is there a panel or
system of checks they have to conduct to assure the correctness of their
changes? I think not, and they seem to act as if they were correct in
every case, and this might not be so. The morphology does not change,
and surely it is better to base identification on unchanging
characteristics that can be seen, rather on changes that might, or might
not be correct, and certainly can not be readily seen. Those who change
the names seem to assume, and take the attitude they are the judge and
jury, and their work not challenged, and those who challenge their work
are regarded as morons.

I wanted to post this to all, but this message may raise some hackles.
If you feel it has merit, I have no problem at all with your forwarding
it to all members. And I hope you do! Cheers, John E. Bryan 

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