Pacific BX 94

Dell Sherk
Sat, 09 Jul 2005 09:26:14 PDT
Sorry, here is the list.

From Arnold Trachtenberg:

1. Bulbs of Hyacinthoides hispanica (syn. Scilla hispanica, Scilla
campanulata, and a multitude of other syns); mixed blue, pink, and white.

From Dell Sherk:

2. Seed of Hippeastrum vittatum (actually called: "H. vittatum x H. vittatum
hybrid") x Sprekelia formosissima. I was less than meticulous when I did
this pollen sharing, so the progeny could also be "H. vittatum x H. vittatum
hybrid - selfed" -  which wouldn't be bad either.

From Pat Colville:

3. Small bulbs of Crinum cv. "Parent variegated, likes shade."


4. Hippeastrum 'Fairytale';  nice mini
5. Hippeastrum papilio x H. 'Royal Velvet'
6. H. mini papilio; not much different from regular H. papilio 7. H. 'Gold
8. Hippeastrum; white, trumpet-shaped with red stripes from an old clump 9.
Veltheimia bracteata; "very fresh, plant immediately"
10. Melasphaerula ramosa
11. Synnotia villosa (syn Sparaxis villosa)

Thank you, Arnold and Pat !!

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