arnold trachtenberg
Tue, 12 Jul 2005 05:33:28 PDT
I have a number of different species of eucomis growing in pots and one 
which has survived a northeast winter in the ground.  My question and 
dilemma involves the potted bulbs.  It seems the larger ones like E.  
pole-evansii become too tall and flop over at this time of year and 
actually leaves have cracked and broken off.

Question is how deep should  the bulbs  be planted and could shallow 
planting contribute to the weak foliage?  I try not to use to much 
nitrogen in the fertilizer and generally use a low "N" compared to the 
"P" and "K".

Should the bulb be planted deeper?  The growth habit of eucomis makes it 
a poor candidate for  use of  with traditional  plant supports

New Jersey

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