Jane McGary
Tue, 12 Jul 2005 08:58:25 PDT
Arnold asked,
Question is how deep should  the [Eucomis] bulbs be planted and could shallow
>planting contribute to the weak foliage?  I try not to use to much
>nitrogen in the fertilizer and generally use a low "N" compared to the
>"P" and "K".
>Should the bulb be planted deeper?  The growth habit of eucomis makes it
>a poor candidate for  use of  with traditional  plant supports

I live in an area with winter temperatures similar to Arnold's, and I've 
grown several species of Eucomis, including E. pole-evansii, in the open 
garden for years. They are summer-growing, so they survive the winters well 
while dormant.  I plant them quite deep (with the top of the bulb 4-6 
inches below the surface, and then cover them with a deep layer of bark 
mulch. They also like plenty of moisture in summer. They don't flop over, 
even the very large purple-leafed one (I don't know what species it is), 
which does flop in pots.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon

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