Latin versus english pronounciation

Wed, 13 Jul 2005 01:23:01 PDT
Dear Jim A large part of your problem with latinized names stems 
form the fact that you try to pronounce as if it was english That is  
not of great help:(<<At this point it occurs to me that maybe I don't 
know how to pronounce Sloane. I assume it is pronounced as a 
one syllable word.>>). If the names are prounced as it should be 
as it now are latin names and no longer englisn names most of 
tyour problems dissappear. So dont pronounce jonesii as if it is still 
an english word It should be prounounced when latinized as jonEsii 
ending with two i like in pit Of course no one knows how the 
romans prounced it but the roman languages as they now exist are 
a far better approximation than the english language, that has 
forgotten to  adapt the written words to the spoken words.
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