Pulling down to correct level

JohnCrellin john@crellin.org.uk
Wed, 13 Jul 2005 01:21:36 PDT
I hope I haven't missed someone else saying this but I think Diana is
hinting at a view I have for many bulbs observed in the wild. 

Don't forget earthworms etc - if a bulb holds it self fast by it's roots and
even pulls a bit - as some clearly do - then, as the burrowers works around,
it will tend to collapse the tunnels under itself and soil will be moved in
above as the various creatures go about their business. I am sure this is
something the wildlife time-lapse experts could - maybe have - capture. 

Then, for woodland bulbs at least, and to some extent all, there is the
continual renewal of the soil structure from above from leaf litter as it
gradually rots below which will carry bulbs down over the seasons.

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Maybe the focus is too much on the bulb. 

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