scented oxalis; was RE: Oxalis in gloom

Jim McKenney
Sun, 10 Jul 2005 19:46:59 PDT
That's very interesting, Alberto, because traditionally the scent of Viola
odorata has been thought to somehow numb the olfactory senses. In other
words, you get a whiff, but you are not able to detect the odor for long. If
you hand the same blossom to another person, they will immediately be able
to detect the scent - but only briefly. Hand it immediately to a third
person, and the same thing happens. 

On the other hand, some plants described as violet-scented do not have this
property of numbing the senses. The Sarracenia I mentioned, for instance,
can be enjoyed over and over without a noticeable lessening of the scent. 

Maybe if you can send up some of your scented Argentinian Oxalis, you can
send up some of those violets, too.  : )

Jim McKenney

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