Fritillaria affinis at Point Reyes

Brook Klehm
Sun, 10 Jul 2005 21:34:39 PDT
Jerry, (or is it John?),
Did you ever find the Fritillaria liliacea?  I searched around back in 
the early '90s for that plant in the vicinity of the Nicasio Reservoir, 
but could find none.  I'm a bit nervous about identifying the exact 
location of a rare plant, but I am curious if the species is still 
present in that location.  I searched towards the northeast side of the 
reservoir to no avail.  I have enjoyed it in its Santa Rosa, CA 
location (though the name of the state park is currently evading my 
Brook Klehm
Sebastopol, cold side of USDA 9

On Jul 10, 2005, at 11:18 AM, wrote:
> While Ron and I were looking for F liliacea in the grass Wayne came up 
> carrying a little bit of clay with several bulblets of his namesake.

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