scented oxalis; was RE: Oxalis in gloom

diana chapman
Sun, 10 Jul 2005 15:50:13 PDT
Many Oxalis are scented, Jim.  O. commutata has a sort of talcum powder
scent, O. lobata a honey-like scent (both are very strongly scented).  O.
fragrans is freesia-like. O. pocockiae is scented like fresh coconut
(really!).   I have many different clones of O. pocockiae and all are
scented, although the scent varies from one clone to another.  The scented
O. obtusa that we list I think is like violets.  Michael Vassar thought that
at least half of the oxalis in his collection were scented in varying
degrees.  I don't think I have a sensitive nose, but I would say a third of
mine are scented, although some are faint.


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> Scented Oxalis?
> I'm interested, very interested: what is the scent like?
> Jim McKenney
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