Oxalis in gloom

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Sun, 10 Jul 2005 15:03:26 PDT
Dear Diane,

A lot of the Oxalis I grow bloom in the fall when we have sunshine before 
the winter storms hit and I bet you'd have success with them. I have been 
growing many of the winter flowering plants in my cold frame as it isn't 
just sun they want, its warmth. Just a little extra warmth may do it. In 
fact on a gloomy day they can be brought inside and they often will open 
up. I enjoy them and take them back out later. They may get a bit elongated 
and not be the tight plants seen in the wild or those people who live in 
Southern California can grow, since they want bright light, but I can live 
with that if I still enjoy the flowers and the leaves. We ended up with 
about 60 inches of rain this past wet season so have a fair amount of days 
when it is not sunny. I have to warn you however, that it is very easy to 
become hooked on them and then you'll find the Telos catalog very hard to 
resist. Even though they have the weed reputation, the fact that Oxalis is 
one of our most popular wiki pages speaks to all those people who love them.

Mary Sue

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