Mary Sue Ittner
Sun, 31 Jul 2005 19:53:43 PDT
Dear All,

Cameron McMaster has added some information to the wiki describing some 
widely different habitats for Eucomis autumnalis. There are photographs 
illustrating the plants, some in habitat. He also described the habitat for 
Eucomis comosa. Hmm. seepage areas and stream banks. No wonder mine in my 
dry summer garden is not thriving.

Today Cameron sent some pictures of Eucomis regia which is the winter 
rainfall species. He saw plants blooming July 22 in the Nieuwoudtville 
reserve among dolertic boulders. My husband and I saw these in August 2001 
in the same place I am sure. Cameron's pictures are better so I removed my 
picture from that time. This species seems to be thriving there and are 
very robust. When we saw them there weren't so many. There is also another 
photo from Cameron of the more usual smaller form.…

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