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Antoine Hoog is very much alive. He and Jan Dix have simply ended their 
business relationship, which began after the death of Antoine's father, 
Michael Hoog.

Antoine Hoog continues to grow rare plants, mostly rare bulbs, with 
carefully monitored provenance and nomenclature. He has established a firm 
called AMD Hoog Authentic Plants and moved to France from the Netherlands. 
He does not have a website. He sells wholesale only, to a very few grateful 
clients. By agreement, my nursery is the only source of his plants in North 
America. He also sells to Paul Christian and a handful of others.

Jan Dix continues to sell bulbs and other plants from many other growers as 
Dix Export BV. He sells to many people and he does have a website, mentioned 

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> Hi Jim ,
> So far I know is Mr. Hoog died - and Dix makes alone .
> Here is the adress from Dix :
> http://www.dixexport.com/
> If you are interest so I can send you his last list - please write me .
> Greetings
> Johann
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> Hi all,
> When Hoog & Dix split up, what was the name of Hoog's new company?  Has
> anyone a web link for it? I know Dix is Dix Export BV.
> Jim Shields
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