Photo administrivia

Susan Hayek
Sat, 11 Jun 2005 17:06:43 PDT
I'm currently adding photos and checking links while I'm at it and 
adding subdirectories to clean up the administrative files section.
Could I please ask the following for photos uploaded:
1. The photos should be no more than approximately 600dpi on the 
largest side. This allows the photo to present itself on your browser 
in its entirety without having to scroll.
I'll repeat the wiki guidelines :
Please try to keep your file size under 100 KB and the dpi (dots per 
inch) resolution no more than 72 dpi. [If you use Photoshop as your 
photo program use the "save for web" option.] The picture should not 
be so large it cannot be viewed on most screens without scrolling. 
This depends on the picture, but a pixel guide is a maximum of 600 x 

I use four browsers, but if you use Firefox as your browser all 
pictures will be automatically sized to your screen (no scrolling). 
You can check it out at
You can download Firefox in a lot of languages:

2. It helps me when I have to work on a photo or move them around if 
your initials are placed after the last underscore (clarifies who's 
Using one of Arnold's as an example: Bletilla_striata3_AT.jpg
or one of John's: Colchicum_cupanii_ssp_pulverulentum2_JL.jpg

I can answer photo resizing questions or help with your photos if you need.
Email me privately.

susan hayek

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