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diana chapman
Fri, 24 Jun 2005 17:05:11 PDT
There are no L. humboldtii any more in the Brownsville cemetery.  They
started mowing the cemetery with a string trimmer a few years ago.  The last
time I was there, about a year ago, I didn't see a single plant.  Four or
five years ago there were still some plants that were protected because they
were growing up a wire fence.  The fence is now gone and so are the plants.
When I first saw the L. humbodtii there in about 1984 there were hundreds of


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> >  Humboldtii and Washingtonianum to be found in the I-80 and/or Hwy
> >20 areas of the Sierra foothills.
> Whenever I read of wildflower areas, I put a sticky note in the
> correct place in my DeLorme topographical map book.
> I have lots of notes, derived from an article by Derek Fox in the
> 1991 North American Lily Society yearbook, about the area where you
> live, from Placerville over to Lake Tahoe.  I assume you don't need
> any information about that area.
> I have only one note on the two map pages of land to the north and
> east of Yuba City. -   Brownsville churchyard - famous clump of L.
> humboldtii, but cleaned up after flowering, so no seed sets.
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