California -Lilium inquiry

Diane Whitehead
Fri, 24 Jun 2005 16:54:32 PDT
>  Humboldtii and Washingtonianum to be found in the I-80 and/or Hwy 
>20 areas of the Sierra foothills.

Whenever I read of wildflower areas, I put a sticky note in the 
correct place in my DeLorme topographical map book.

I have lots of notes, derived from an article by Derek Fox in the 
1991 North American Lily Society yearbook, about the area where you 
live, from Placerville over to Lake Tahoe.  I assume you don't need 
any information about that area.

I have only one note on the two map pages of land to the north and 
east of Yuba City. -   Brownsville churchyard - famous clump of L. 
humboldtii, but cleaned up after flowering, so no seed sets.

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