Ismene or Hymenocallis xFestalis

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 20 Jun 2005 19:51:01 PDT
Hi all,

In January 2003 the PBS list discussed Carol's plant when Dash asked:
"May I ask if the Hymenocallis xFestalis is called Ismene 'Festalis'? It 
appears to have 2 different names on two different forum lists. Or are they 
2 different plants?"

Jim Shields said:
"the Andean Hymenocallis are often put (back) into the Ismene.  It depends 
on what you feel is most appropriate.  I think I go with the separate genus 
for them now."

Kevin Preuss said:
"Both are proper terms.  Ismene 'Festalis' would be the original released cv
and years later the cross was repeated when Ismene was lumped in w/
Hymenocallis and 'Festalis' was a hybrid, so Hym. xFestalis would be an
acceptable way to show the cross if you recognize Ismene under Hymenocallis.

Hamish Sloan said:
"They are the same. Both Ismene and Elisena were classified once upon a time
as separate from Hymenocallis, largely on the basis of differences in 
flower form. But "the botanists  decided" that these differences did not 
constitute sufficient difference to
warrant putting them into a separate genus. Probably best treated as
subgenera of hymenocallis if you are a "splitter" rather than a "lumper".

The corona in Hymenocallis and Ismene is erect, in Elisena it is sharply
bent. The free parts of the filaments are erect or hang outwards in 
and Elisena, in Ismene they are incurved.

Not much different! In this respect, I'm a lumper."

When discussing the Hymenocallis topic of the week, Kevin said, "For 
practical purposes sometimes when referring to hybrids, the genera Elisena, 
Ismene, and Leptochiton are recognized under the genus Hymenocallis in a 
broad sense."

Even this go around both names were cited.

The previous discussion led me to put Sheila Burrow's picture of this plant 
on both the Ismene and the Hymenocallis page with a note that some people 
feel Ismene should be a distinct genus and some do not. The Ismene page 
with Sheila's picture has not been removed. It is still there. And Sheila's 
picture is still on the Hymenocallis wiki page too.

If Carol can't access them she could try clearing her cache by holding down 
the Shift or Option key depending on whether she has a Mac or a PC and 
hitting reload.………

One of these days I may find time to add the information about Ismene to 
the wiki that has been provided by this group, but it will always be 
impossible to get everyone to agree about the names. The best I can do is 
to reference both when I have time to add this information. As pictures are 
added to the wiki it is very helpful if the person adding those pictures 
can provide text not only about their experiences growing the plant, but 
other helpful information too (like plants being known under two names.)

Mary Sue 

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