my hymenocallis

Kevin D. Preuss
Mon, 20 Jun 2005 17:01:40 PDT
I wish we could sit down and talk Hymenocallis/Elisene/Ismene. All but one
species (Hym. ocidentalis) here in  SE US is at least semi-aquatic,w/ the
exeption of the tropical H. latifolia carried ashore..
  I wonder how many true Hymenocallis grow in the desert and are not
associated with a watershed system?  I am beginning to suspect they like
gallery forests along rivers and creekbeds in Mexico
My friend sent me 5 Elisene seeds from the wild in Peru under my USDA import
permit 18monsthago...they sprouted in feb. and went dormant in may..  They
are dormant now and can't find their rhythm. When do they grow, presuming it
is E. longipetala? Those things that rely on mist for moisture intrigue me.

Spiderlily ID is rough w/o locality least try to determine
whatregion they are from, if possible.  Then note if they are

Did you ever get the I.amencaes seeds I sent to you before your
surgery....did they make it?

Kevin D. Preuss

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