colchicum leaves for dinner

Merrill Jensen
Thu, 09 Jun 2005 10:19:48 PDT
Hi Dave,

While I was at the Oregon Garden, we tried various spray on concoctions to
keep the hoofed maggots off the plants.  Needless to say, none of them
worked very well and some of the dried blood products left an unsightly
brown film on the foliage.  The one thing that seemed to do the best job
were the motion activated sprinkler 'Scarecrows'.  I'd like to try one of
them here in California on the squirrels, but there is too much traffic in
the Garden to make it feasible (unless I inadvertently squirt our visitors!)
I always said that venison jerky would be a great gift shop item, but had a
hard time convincing folks of that...

Merrill in Palo Alto, where it is raining in June (?!?)...

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> Also, they seem to have an aversion to LILIES WITH RED STEMS, a 
> characteristic 
> that I'll look for the next time I order lilies.

Jane ~

I grow a number of martagon hybrid lilies and many of them have dark stems
reddish brown-red -- I guess one could call the coloring.  Some are so dark 
that black is not out of the question!  One of the first years I grew them,
deer discovered them in late summer and virtually ate them to the ground -- 
the stems must have tasted particularly good!  Since then, the patch has
fenced and no problem.  Aside from something like saddle of venison, fencing
the only permanent solution to the problem for the average gardener.

Have you had any experience with the various sprays to deter browsing by 

Dave Karnstedt
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