colchicum leaves for dinner

Carol Jensen
Thu, 09 Jun 2005 14:39:39 PDT
At 18:00 08-06-2005, Jim McKenney wrote:
>Or for that matter, what happens when some adventuresome gourmand serves
>slugs prepared as 'escargot' - slugs which have been dining on some plant
>toxic to humans? And by the way, does anyone know if slugs are edible for
>humans? I would think that if you can get yourself to eat a snail, can a
>slug be much different?
>Jim McKenney
>Montgomery County, Maryland, USA, USDA zone 8, where I'm wondering just how
>much garlic there would have to be in the mayonnaise or butter to get me to
>try a slug.  
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In France they eat slugs, and in the finer restaurants in Denmark they serve both our black forest slug and the Iberian killer slug (brown or orange) for appetizers. I'm a vegetarian myself!


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