Cyclamen question

Brook Klehm
Tue, 28 Jun 2005 18:42:41 PDT
Mary Sue,
	In cool Sebastopol, I have a potted Cyclamen hederifolium which begins 
to bloom as early as July sometimes, continuing until September.  This 
hasn't seemed to weaken the tuber.  It shares a pot with Asplenium 
trichomanes, so I never let it get desicated.  They seem to do well 
together, having been in the same pot for about eight years.   The 
plants in the ground tend to wait until later to bloom, though this 
season, I have a seedling that has been blooming for the past two 
weeks! (?)  I don't grow C. cilicum, so can't respond with particulars 
on that species.  In the garden, two Cyclamen are still in leaf: C. 
coum and C. alpinum/trochopteranthum (don't you love that species 
epithet!).  I don't usually have them in leaf so late.  Both C. 
repandum and C. creticum have gone deciduous by now.

Brook Klehm
Sebastopol, California
more than 30" of rain each year, but usually (not this season) only 
from October to April

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