Cyclamen question

Jane McGary
Tue, 28 Jun 2005 16:10:42 PDT
Mary Sue asked about whether to keep Cyclamen watered if unusual late rains 
start them into growth.

Late rains happen here in Oregon more often than they do where she lives on 
the northern California coast, and some Cyclamen do this. I make no 
particular effort to water them or withhold water; some are in irrigated 
parts of the garden and others are not. It doesn't seem to affect the hardy 
ones one way or another. Even C. persicum seems to cope well with garden 
watering where it is hardy. I would just let the plants cope however they 
see fit. Sometimes when C. hederifolium flowers early in response to rain, 
it then rests and doesn't put up its leaves until the usual time in fall.

Jane McGary

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