Notice Off line

Ann Marie
Fri, 17 Jun 2005 12:20:08 PDT
PBS, BULBS everyone this is to notify you that I am unable to keep up with email from these sites, I'm requesting to be taken off.  Anyone who wishes to contact me may do so, thru this email addy.  Cathy please let me know if their will be any meetings/parties I would still like to go to them. Dell I'm putting together a Box of bulbs for the group and will get those out when I can.  I'm sure I'll be missing the information you all supply but!!!  Ann Marie 

Ann Marie 

So. California, San Gabriel Valley, Zone 21 (Sunset Western Garden book) , influenced by both marine and interior air(Santa Ana winds). This makes it perfect for Citrus trees and most So African plants. I collect belladonnas, oxalis, criniums, amaryllis, palms, epiphyllums, succulents and other south african bulbs.  For home and garden sculptures go to  

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