Mystery bulb

John Bryan
Fri, 17 Jun 2005 12:17:53 PDT
Dear Susan;

Apparently you are correct. However I would put the name of Hymenocallis
virescens to it until this is proven to be incorrect, as this species
now contains both H. pedunculata, and H. macleana which were regarded as
distinct species at one time. Thus there must (even if slight) perforce
be variants within the species H. virescens. Cheers, John E. Bryan

Susan Hayek wrote:
> **Have we, then, the definitive non-definitive identification of
> Carol's mystery bulb?
> A Hymenocallis something?
> susan hayek
> >Dear Alberto:
> >
> >Thanks, I guess the mystery bulb remains just that, a mystery! Cheers,
> >John
> >
> >"" wrote:
> >>
> >>  Dear John,
> >>  Thad Howard states that H. virescens (syn. H. macleana) is a dwarf
> >>white-flowered specie. Herbert:  scape about two feet,
> >>pedunculated; tube green, 1inch and half; limb greenish without,
> >>white whitin, two inches; cup greenish and white, with deep green
> >>lines, 1 and half inch long, with bifid jagged lobes; style equal
> >>to the limb.
> >  >  I have never seen it.
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