Mystery bulb

Susan Hayek
Fri, 17 Jun 2005 12:15:20 PDT
**Have we, then, the definitive non-definitive identification of 
Carol's mystery bulb?…
A Hymenocallis something?

susan hayek

>Dear Alberto:
>Thanks, I guess the mystery bulb remains just that, a mystery! Cheers,
>"" wrote:
>>  Dear John,
>>  Thad Howard states that H. virescens (syn. H. macleana) is a dwarf 
>>white-flowered specie. Herbert:  scape about two feet, 
>>pedunculated; tube green, 1inch and half; limb greenish without, 
>>white whitin, two inches; cup greenish and white, with deep green 
>>lines, 1 and half inch long, with bifid jagged lobes; style equal 
>>to the limb.
>  >  I have never seen it.

susan, who is.....
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