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Alberto Castillo
Sun, 19 Jun 2005 06:48:16 PDT

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>Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2005 09:21:55 -0400
>My Ismene flowers around Christams and is dry by May.  It has done this for 
>5 yrs in a  row now and its few selfed-seedlings follow this pattern (but 
>have not flowered being too young still).
>I could never figure out if this is the correct cycle, but it works.
>Paramongaia has bitten the dust, all 3 I've had because I could not figure 
>out their cycles.
>I'd recommend drying off the Ismene until late fall.
>Good luck!
>Kevin Preuss

Hi Kevin:
            If the Ismene you mention is the hybrid 'Festalis' it would be 
useful to mention that it is a permanent garden feature in Central Argentina 
where it can be left in the ground forever and where it forms increasingly 
bigger clumps flowering marvelously in December (late spring here) after the 
leaves have completely developed since early spring  when it breaks 
dormancy. In such a climate they receive no rainfall for the whole of the 
winter and up to two whole months of spring. The region is warmish and 
citrus and Nerium can be grown anywhere. This to mention the general 
whereabouts. Since they become as common as Agapanthi over there it seems 
such conditions approach closely those ideal for this plant. As mentioned 
above there is no need to dividing, digging, etc. and the offsetting rate is 
very good sound large new plants appearing in the clump every year. Seed 
however is never produced (fortunately).
All the best

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