my ismene

Alberto Castillo
Sun, 19 Jun 2005 06:37:51 PDT

>From: Carol Jensen <>
>Reply-To: Pacific Bulb Society <>
>Subject: [pbs] my ismene
>Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2005 14:19:14 +0200
>Measured the leaf distance on the stalk and the lower range of leaves is at 
>30cm (4 leaves, now dried out) and the upper range at 44cm (healthy green 
>leaves, sixth one growing now.) Poor plant is lying horizonal straining 
>toward the sun. As soon as it gets warmer I will carry it outdoors in the 
>Noticed today that an amaryllis bud is forming on one in the window. Never 
>seen one so late!
>I also have a curious plant called a beaucarnia. Does that belong on this 
>list - is it a bulb? Looks like a chianti bottle with green confetti on 
>top. I adore it!

Hi Carol:
           Beaucarnea is actually a  bulboid tree. In a suitably warm 
climate and in the ground it can grow to a massive 15 ft or more and with a 
bottle of gigantic proportions.

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