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James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Thu, 16 Jun 2005 11:10:46 PDT
Dear All;
	A few years ago I got a few SMALL bulblets of the L-A Lily 
hybrid "Aladdin Sun' (I think a Lee Populsen donation) from the 
Seedex. These were the first LA hybrids I tried because I wasn't sure 
of hardiness concerns, but this year they have matured into a large 
glorious clump with 4 flowering stems at least 3 ft tall. big bright 
'sunny' flowers. Thanks Lee and Seedex.

	Two years ago I bought some Orienpets from a large commercial 
bulb concern (maybe Van Bougendien) and they were puny marble size 
bulbs. I was disappointed when they struggled to perhaps 15 inches 
and meager blooms.  1 year later they are reaching for 6 ft and a 
dozen buds each. Quite an impressive turn around.
	My established Orienpets from Lily Garden (Very nice folks) 
got serious freeze damage in late April, but are growing out of that 
and looking good. I love these things.

	Crinum have been behaving oddly. One C. bulbispermum 'Jumbo' 
bloomed a month ago and set ripe seed about the time he rest of them 
sent up their first spikes and it sent up more spikes. Very odd 
	I was recently in the Denver Botanic Garden where they grow 
typical C. bulbispermum at perhaps 1/3 to 1/4th the size of 'Jumbo'. 
Tiny little plants, but it may be the altitude.
	Last year I donated some Crinum x powellii to the BX and I 
wonder if any recipients will let me know (off list) if any bloomed 
this year. I kept the rejects (shovel accidents) and they all came 
up, but have not shown flower spikes yet. C. x powellii 'Alba' has 
sent up its first stalk.

	I grow a number of Arum species, but A. nigrum rarely sets 
seed. This is a hardy species suited to light shade or full sun with 
a near black spathe reliably hardy here. Both curious and attractive 
and not terribly stinky either - a winner. This year I see at least 4 
seed heads developing nicely so I'll be able to share this too 
uncommon goody around.

	Right now Lilies are the star of the garden from Asiatics to 
Trumpets, to be followed by Orientals and Orienpets. The native L. 
michiganense wanders around a semi-shaded site and is coloring up in 

	I just planted out a pot of "Edible Lily Bulbs' bought in a 
Chinese market a couple years ago. I had them in a large pot and 
wintered them in a cold frame, but the pot is bursting so they had to 
be divided. I assume these are a cv of L. davidii, the usual species 
that is eaten in China. The potted lilies have stayed short, but 
should increase in the ground. This spring I ate many dishes in Gansu 
Province that included  lily scales. They claim in Gansu's capital, 
Lanzhou, that they grow the best tasting lily bulbs in all of China.
	Anyone have experience with these?

	And some 'minor bulbs' looking nice- Tritelia, Anthericum, 
Ornithogalum, etc.

	Cannas were late in getting planted out, but really don't 
make a show until summer. The last of the hardy glads - G. imbricata 
is almost done. I think I lost G. gavandensis (sp?) in my ill timed 
move last year, but if it is still alive, it will bloom later.
	Now is the time to think about digging and dividing spring 
bulbs that are just dormant.

	Always some bulb of interest, doing something.

  		Bulbously		Jim W.

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