Worsleya rayneri/procera

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>Subject: [pbs] Worsleya rayneri/procera
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>Hi all,
>I just received a few seeds of Worsleya rayneri.  Now I'd like to know how 
>best to germinate them and get them started growing.
>What is the accepted botanical name now for this plant?
>Jim Shields

   Germination will be good under warmish conditions. Sow the seed in a 
gritty compost on their edge. In the wild it grows in full sun on almost 
vertical rock walls and in a thin layer of decomposed rock and organic 
matter. The plants develop a huge root system that grows superficially 
(there is no depth to reach into). Most of the bulb is out of the ground, 
foliage is perennial and rainfall is during the warm season. Hence drainage 
is most important for it. Worsleya rayneri.

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