my ismene

Alberto Castillo
Sun, 19 Jun 2005 07:06:44 PDT

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>Mine is the true I. amencaes from a botanical garden.It does not offset.

         That is a rare goodie, very endangered because the new poor people 
quarters have been taken over its habitat in the sand dunes around Lima (and 
never stop). This is one of the most peculiar bulbs in that it flowers in 
midwinter and grow for two or at most three months of spring the rest of the 
year being in dormancy. You know, research done on it shows that nows that 
the rainfall has increased because of global warming this species has 
reduced its seed production by 60% hence it is VERY in danger. The area is a 
desert with coastal fogs that bring humidity (it can be disgusting in the 
warm season, as swimming in soup). The bulbs grow deeply imbedded in  sand 
that can have a high mineral conten, basic. It is suppose to flower by the 
time the sun is farthest from the earth whence "returning". That is why it 
was the Inca's sacred "2lily".

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