Jim McKenney
Sun, 19 Jun 2005 07:03:55 PDT
A "bulboid" what? Isn't the word bulboid an adjective? 

Jim McKenney

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>I do grow Doryanthes palmeri and although it has reached a good size, it 
>hasn't flowered yet but I think it will next year. This species is rather 
>slow growing indeed and I read it takes 7-8 years to flower from seeds. 
>Mine has withstood several times -3°C (27F) without damage but literature 
>reports -5°C as its lower limit. I don't know if we should consider it a 
>true geophyte. It was placed one time in Agavaceae and indeed it closely 
>related to Beschorneria as visual look, as well as Manfreda and Hesperaloe 
>as general structure of the plant.
>Angelo Porcelli
>south of Italy

Hi Angelo:
              It is not a geophyte, but a "bulboid".


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