Ipheion, Tristagma, Nothoscordum again

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Sun, 06 Mar 2005 08:07:25 PST

I've been working on making the changes for these wiki pages to indicate 
the taxonomic confusion and have a couple more questions before I finish. 
Adding the synonyms for each species is mind boggling. A case in point is 
Tristagma bivalve. I wrote earlier about what I found on it in IPNI and 
I'll copy this:
This appears to be the original name:
Alliaceae/liliaceae Triteleia bivalvis Lindl.

Liliaceae Ipheion bivalve ( Lindl. ) Traub
in Plant Life, ix. 69 (1953).

Alliaceae Tristagma bivalve ( Lindl. ) Traub
Pl. Life 19: 61. 1963

I found an article written in the 1993 Herbertia by Thad Howard where he 
was discussing the Nothoscordums in cultivation. In it he discusses a plant 
by the name of Nothoscordum bivalve (L.) Britton (syn. N. striatum [Jacq.] 
Kunth which he says is native to both North and South America. In North 
America it is found in the southeastern and southwestern states and Mexico 
and in South America in Argentina and Uruguay. This plant is also described 
in Bulbs of North America.
 From IPNI there are two listings:
Alliaceae Nothoscordum bivalve Britton

with original data notes of Ornithogalum bivalve on one and = striatum on 
the other. Ornithogalum?

Looking up N. striatum I get this:
Alliaceae Nothoscordum striatum Kunth
Enum. Pl. iv. 459.

Under original data notes: Notes: Am. bor.; Mexic

I'm sure I've lost most of this group by now, but can anyone tell me if 
Nothoscordum bivalve is a different plant from Tristagma bivalve (syn. 
Ipheion bivalve). And if so can one of our South American members give me 
some information about where Tristagma bivalve is found. Alberto has kindly 
given me some information about growing it that I can add to our wiki page.

I used to think that using botanical names made it easier for us to 
communicate and be sure we were talking about the same plant.

Thanks for any help on this one and thanks Alberto for responding to my 
earlier request.

Mary Sue 

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