Web Site: Crinums in East Texas

ConroeJoe@aol.com ConroeJoe@aol.com
Wed, 30 Mar 2005 06:13:09 PST
Hi Gang,

It has taken a while, and the Web site still has errors (some broken links, 
and typos).  But I have gotten a Web site built and up that describes some of 
Marcelle Sheppard's contributions to Crinum growing and Crinum breeding.  

Crinums in East Texas, Notes from Marcelle Sheppard

I would welcome comments.  I'd especially like to know about problems such 
1.  matters of fact errors, such as nomenclatural problems
2.  clarity of writing
3.  punctuation errors, etc.

Also, I'd be happy to hear comments about how to improve the Web site in a 
general way, or even if folks want to contribute.

Finally, I hope you'll let me know if you enjoy the information or find it 
useful.  Please send a personal email:  ConroeJoe@aol.com 


Conroe Joe

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