James Waddick
Wed, 09 Mar 2005 07:18:10 PST
Dear all;
	I don't know anything about this genus, but I thought I had 
to pass along a short note.
	Years ago I was out in Oakland California giving a talk and 
was thrilled to get a day of driving around to gardens by Wayne 
Roderick. One stop was Stan Farwig's garden. The entire garden was 
almost entirely elevated wire frames holding uncountable pots of 
bulbs of all kinds; many unknown to me. There seemed to be an 
unseemly (at that time) number  (100s?) labeled Geissorhiza 'this or 
that'. Can't say I was unduly impressed with flowers, but the range 
of foliage was very striking and G. spiralis (is that a real 
species?) had THE MOST corkscrew foliage I had seen before or since.

	The power of obsession and tunnel vision!!

		Best 	Jim W.
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