REPLY: [pbs] Narcissus flowering
Fri, 11 Mar 2005 22:11:28 PST
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> Many, though not all, Narcissus species seem to be blooming on shorter 
> stems than usual. Is this caused by the warm, sunny conditions? Some 
> Fritillaria species are also shorter than usual, particularly F. affinis, 
> but some (particularly the Greek island species) are of normal height.

Jane ~

A quick answer?  Yes.  Daffodils are fairly primitive plants with unbranched 
root systems.  They grow best in cool temps with ample water and overcast to 
lightly broken cloud cover.  The roots are unable to take up enough water fast 
enough to replace that which is transpired during warm, sunny, dry weather, 
e.g., OR in 2005.  Here in the heat of Spring in Northern CA (it was 89 deg F. 
today in the town near Santa Rosa where we live!) I can't water potted 
daffodils enough.  In this heat the leaves simply collapse but overnight they will 
straigten up.  Blue ribbon show-quality bloom is not possible under such 

I will be arriving for the OR season over the weekend and don't hope to find 
really high quality flowers as the main range is on an open ridge at 1100'.  
The winds whip up the clear cut below this ridge and, if strong enough, do a 
real number on the flowers and leaves.  The new lease is on the Willamette 
Valley floor so I expect to have more "normal" results in the future.

Dave Karnstedt
Silverton, OR

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