Leucojum aestivum and vernum

JohnCrellin john@crellin.org.uk
Sat, 12 Mar 2005 08:01:25 PST
I hope it is OK for me to butt in to a thread I found in Google [This refers
to Brian Whyer's post in Dec 2004] but I have been intrigued by Leucojum
flowering times for some while now -m ever since I investigated the genus a
bit more thoroughly than I had done.
I have L. aestivum which Stace would key out as ssp. Aestivum in my garden
here on a south-facing slope in Weston-super-Mare. This is only starting to
produce flowering stems now and leaves have been apparent since Late
January. Nearby (very) in Victorian-planted shared parkland among houses
though ssp. pulchellum (entire stem edges and smaller flowers) grows and is
in full flower now having started to flower in early January.
I confess I used to think these must be L. vernum - I should have looked
more carefully at my books about that !
I have also sought out and found L. vernum at one of it's supposed native
sites in Somerset. We into flower in early February.
See my website - eg. http://www.floralimages.co.uk/pleucovernu.htm and
John Crellin
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