A snowdrop event in my garden

Mark Smyth mark@marksgardenplants.com
Fri, 18 Mar 2005 12:00:16 PST

it's good to read I'm one of your favourite snowdrop sites. I'll be adding a
new page or two to mine to add all the new snowdrops I have photographed
this year and some I left out from last year. Some day when I have the time
and the urge I'll re-do all the photo albums so they are in alphabetical
order from start to finish. I was part of a 4 garden open day this and last
year. All gardens are open for their snowdrops and Hellebores. We had 220
attending this year from N Ireland, S Ireland and England. For £7/c$10 you
get entry to all gardens and lunch. Plants are sold too. I must post a photo
of my small but well packed garden. Have you got a photo of your yellow
marked plant? The advise John Grimshaw will give is separate the bulb/s and
keep an eye on them for a year or two to see what happens.

Just in case some people haven't found me on the 'net I'll plug my sites
http://www.marksgardenplants.com/ some galleries to be added
http://www.snowdropinfo.com/ still a wee bit missing here and there
http://www.batdetective.com/ for those interested in those cute creatures of the

I'll let John Grimshaw answer your questions fully because he's been at it
longer than me.

N Ireland
where we have had a week of at least 15c/60F - double the average for March

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