Mystery Photos

Kevin D. Preuss
Wed, 25 May 2005 01:52:25 PDT
My guess it is wold be the rare hippeastrum cuzcoensis or even Hipp.
mandonii if the is green in the center.  Peru does border Bolivia ( I have a
friend visiting that region now...).

> Do any of you Hippeastrum fans have an idea about the identification of
> David Victor's plant?

Lee's plant looks like Hipp. striatum var. petiolatum (= var. flamigerum).
These produce numerous, to say the least, bulbils that may be washed/broken
off in nature.
More than a few individuals sent me H. barbatum/H. puniceum album and all
seem to be H. striatum var. petiolatums.  I have a plant from Brazil that
some call barbatum, but that seems to fall right into H. evansiae /anzoldoi,
algaiae complex....No one can tell me that  Indians (Tapui, or whichever)
did not translocate bulbs for various reasons.So to say that a plant is
found only in one locatin is most likely due to lack of exploration, IMO.

Spider lily season has begun here in St. Pete, FL

Kevin D. Preuss

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