Crossyne flava, Massonia pygmaea, Proiphys cunninghamii

Bill Dijk
Wed, 25 May 2005 05:28:47 PDT
Hi Folks,

Just to let you know that I have uploaded a few pictures of species 
flowering at the moment to the wiki.
The first one is of Crossyne flava. The flower are small but many, with 
tepals much recurved on long pedicels.
Flowerheads with more than 200 flowers is not uncommon.
I have also posted a close up of an individual flower to see the detail.…
The second one is Massonia pygmaea, (syn. Neobakeria heterandra) an dainty 
little miniature species with short tufts of white flowers between the 
prostrate ciliate leaves, which is best grown in pots to keep track of.…
The last one is Proiphys cunninghamii (syn. Eurycles cunninghamii)
This species from Queensland, Australia has dark green, heart-shaped leaves 
and produces fragrant white flowers in a umbel-like clusters on long stems.
This plant requires a frost-free spot, a humus rich soil,  in a semi-shaded 
Go and have a look. Enjoy

Best wishes,

Bill Dijk

Tauranga, NZ : where the first Snowdrops and Narcissus bulbicodiums 
prematurely heralding Spring. 

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