Membership Renewal Notice

Cathy Craig
Mon, 02 May 2005 09:43:51 PDT
Dear PBS members,

Our membership chair, Pat Colville, has sent me a list of people who have 
not as yet renewed their PBS membership for 2005. Pat has sent each of you 
an email notice and will send a paper renewal notice with pre-addressed 
envelope shortly.

Please renew ASAP: the newsletter is due out soon and you must be a paid 
member (Member in Good Standing) to receive the 2005 newsletters, and to 
participate in the BX and Seed Exchange.

Thanks to you all, and by the way, Dell is going to have a HUGE BX offering 
in the next few days of ALL BULBS! So please, if you intend to order, renew 
your membership right now before you forget so that Dell can honor your 

Thanks again!!

Cathy Craig EA

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