Veltheimia bracteata vs. capensis

Mon, 02 May 2005 09:40:07 PDT
hi everybody,

you recall that i had asked how to tell the diff.
between these 2 species as the plant i received as
capensis looks nothing like the pics in the wiki or
elsewhere.  based on the emails i got back, i was
inclined to believe i grow only bracteata.  however,
the plant i have received as capensis seems to have
much more ruffled, wavier leaves, so i think i'll
leave the tags as they are.  what doesn't match is the
fact that it is not deciduous, and leaves are green
(not that dull capensis color), broad and not skinny. 

my bracteata looks exactly like this one:…

the one i have labeled as capensis has a bit wavier

tsuh yang

--- Mary Sue Ittner <> wrote:
> In the Color Encyclopedia of Cape Bulbs key:
> Leaves glossy dark green, seldom all deciduous; bulb
> tunics fleshy; bracts 
> 10-30 mm long, spring flowering = V. bracteata
> Leaves glaucous or grayish, deciduous; outer bulb
> tunics papery; bracts 
> 10-15 mm long; autumn and winter flowering = V.
> capensis
> The Veltheimia bracteata I grow is so different from
> V. capensis that they 
> are easy to tell apart. One has shiny green leaves
> and the other one dull 
> silver gray leaves. I've not gotten blooms from V.
> capensis and suspect 

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